About the Teacher


Reg Litster has been teaching aviation theory since 1996. He has taught aviation students at Avondale College School of Aviation, the University of Newcastle and the International School of Aviation Australia.

Reg holds an ATPL (Aeroplane), and is a fully qualified Grade one Flight Instructor. He is also a qualified high school science teacher and taught Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics for 17 years prior to teaching in aviation. His qualifications include:

  •  Bachelor of Education (Science) 
  •  Diploma of Aviation (Flight Instructor)
  •  Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training 
  •  Air Transport Pilot Licence (Aeroplane)
  •  Flight Instructor Grade 1
  •  Multi-engine Command Instrument Rating 

Students that have been taught by Reg have consistently performed very well in all CASA exams, well above the national average. Quite a number of his students have also managed to achieve 100% in the CASA exams including what many perceive as the most challenging one: ATPL(A) Flight Planning. In fact, a number of ex- students have found out that a significant factor in gaining them employment in an airline was the fact that they did so well in their exams after being in Reg’s class. 

Two students from his classes have also been awarded the Sir Donald Anderson Trophy by CASA and the Australian Women’s Pilot Association for being the highest performing female student in the CASA professional licensing exams for each of those years.