CASA & ASL Requirements

CASA and ASL Cyberexam requirements for Exams:


CASA charges for their exams that are offered at specified sites. The exams are owned by CASA, but are provided by a company called Assessment Services Limited (ASL). Both CASA and ASL charge for the exams. The most up to date details for these charges are available from the ASL web site ( and are currently as follows:

Subject CASA Exam Code CASA Fee  ASL Fee 
Instrument Rating IREX $65 $110
ATPL Flight Planning (Aeroplane) AFPA $65 $105
ATPL Navigation ANAV $65 $80
ATPL Performance and Loading (Aeroplane) APLA $65 $100

Exam Sites

For available ASL exam sites see:

Exam Pre-requisites

CASA has imposed certain pre-requisites for their exams. It is essential that students ensure that they have met these requirements prior to applying for the exams. Students should always check the CASA website to ensure that they meet current requirements. (

The pre-requisites in summary are:

  • IREX: • Hold a Private Pilot Licence
  • ATPL • Holds a CPL or holds a full CPL exam credit (ie: have passed all CPL Exams)

It is also highly recommended that students ensure that they have met these requirements prior to he date that the Aviation Theory Virtual Classroom course starts in order to prevent delays between completing the course and sitting the CASA exam.

Exam Bookings

Students are responsible for organising their own exam sittings. In the ideal world, students should try to sit the exam as soon as they are ready upon completion of the course. For some people, this will be immediately after the completion of the course. Others find that they need a little more time to complete their revision before attempting the exam.