Course Structure

At this stage, ATVC is planning to run all classes on a full time basis, 5 days per week (Monday to Friday) as follows:

  • IREX (Course duration: 3 weeks)
  • AFPA (Course duration: 3-4 weeks)
  • ANAV (Course duration: 9 business days)
  • APLA (Course duration: 8 business days)

The daily class structure includes 6 x 50 minute sessions interspersed with 10 minute breaks, morning tea break and a lunch break. Classes are scheduled to start at 0800 EST (or EDST) and conclude at 1500 EST (or EDST) each day. These start and finish times are subject to modification, particularly if the class includes participants from Western Australia.

This proposed structure has 2 key benefits:

  • It allows students to complete the courses in a relatively short period of time, meaning that topics learned on the first day are still remembered at the end of the course.
  • There is time at the completion of the days' classes to complete assigned exercises before the next day without depriving the student of time for sleeping and some sense of normalcy.

Alternative delivery schedules may be considered subject to demand. ATVC welcomes expressions of interest in terms of class hours and course structure, particularly during the initial stages of the business. To express your interest in some of the alternative schedules, complete the questionnaire, however ATVC reserves the final say on how the courses will be structured.

(If you would like to attend subjects that are not currently offered, contact to express your interest and list the subjects that you would like to see included. These may be included in the future subject to resources being available.)

It is possible that individual or group coaching may also be available subject to time availability. For enquiries contact:

Most of the other subjects that are not currently offered are well suited to self-study, and these are available from other providers.

For ATPL I would recommend:

Other providers include:


Instrument Rating Theory

Starts: Monday 03 March 2014, 06:00pm
Ends: Friday 21 March 2014, 03:00pm
Course code: IREX
Price: $950
Max. Participants: 8