Course inclusions

  • A username and password that will allow you to join the classroom for the duration of the course.
  • A workbook to be used to in conjunction with the class and which can be used as a study guide in preparation for the exam.  This includes study notes and exercises. There is no need to purchase any other textbooks, unless you wish to purchase extra resources for yourself. 
  • Numerous multiple-choice tests and practice exams that you can access online with your username and password.  Following completion of these outside class, there will be a debriefing of these in the classroom.
  • Downloadable electronic files that you can print out for specific subjects include:

ATPL Flight Planning (AFPA)

A link to download a flight plan form to be printed as required.

ATPL Performance and Loading (APLA)

Links to download the following files:

  • B727 Weight and Balance booklet
  • CAO 20.7.0, CAO 20.7.1 (B) and CAO 82.0
  • A supply of B727 Load and Trim Sheet

Instrument Rating (IREX)

Link to download the following file:

  • CAAP 234-1(1)