Hardware/Software Requirements?

For those who have visited this page before, the classroom no longer uses the Adobe Connect software. A new communications and presentation program is being trialled called Fuze. 

Fuze will run on a Mac or PC. For a full list of system requirements please refer to this link: 


To get maximum benefit out of a class you will need a computer with the following:

  • A web cam
  • A headset microphone
  • ADSL Internet connection (ideally ADSL 2)

It is also possible to download an iPad app and attend the class using the iPad. However the quality of the experience is not as good as using a computer. If using an iPad it is essential that you have earpieces to listen to the class to prevent feedback for everyone else in the class.

Instructions of how to use the software and join the class will be provided on enrolment in a course.