ATPL Navigation Calculator

ATPL Navigation Calculator

Aviation Theory Virtual Classroom (ATVC) has developed an Excel spreadsheet to perform some wind calculations.

Actual Wind

This may be of interest or those people who are preparing for an ATPL Navigation or CPL exam, or who would like the ability to check their use of the Jeppesen CR-3 or APR CR-6 navigation computers.

The spreadsheet has two options:

  1. Calculate heading (HDG) and ground speed (GS) when given: true airspeed (TAS), flight planned track and wind vector. It also has the ability to calculate an estimated time interval (ETI) if a distance has been inserted.
  2. Calculate actual wind when given: true airspeed, heading, actual ground speed and actual track (TMG).

The purpose of the spreadsheet is to allow people to check that they have the required accuracy when using the navigation computer. 

If you are interested in checking your accuracy, download the XL file 'Wind Calculator' and try it out.

For those who do not know how to calculate actual wind, you can access the presentation of the process from either of the following:

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